How to measure you door panel?

Providing us with accurate measurements in the easy bit. All we need is the width, height and thickness of your panel...

Width: Provide us with the width in mm (maximum measurement = 750mm)

Width: Provide us with the height in mm (maximum measurement = 750mm)

Thickness: We only supply panels in standard thicknesses of 20, 24 or 28mm



Removing your panel from the door

The best way to measure is to take your existing panel out of the door.

Typically, the panel will be held in with detachable beads. This will usually be on the inside of the house. The profile of the bead and the way it clips in to the door can vary depending on the manufacturer.

Get a stiff putty knife or something similar and insert it between the bead and the door. Sometimes this can be easy, sometimes it will be difficult. You may have to gently tap the putty knife with a hammer to get it to go in.
Once you have the pallet knife between the bead and the frame, leaver the knife to pop the bead out.

Pop all four beads out and remove the panel.

Measure the width, height and thickness of the panel.

Put the panel back into position and hammer the beads back in to secure.

Please note that this is a simplified method. Sometimes, it can be tricky to remove and insert the beads. We take no responsibility to any damage or injury sustained when attempting to remove the panel. If in doubt use a qualified professional to do this for you.